Photo Contest

And the winner is…

The #HSintro photo contest has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who entered for giving us a glimpse into your world! The winning entry came from Michelle Lenk.

Here’s what Michelle had to say about her photo:

I encountered the #HolySpirit while spending time at Griffith Observatory overlooking Los Angeles. We see vast chaos, hopelessness & lost humanity all around us; but our God sees each individual broken life which his Holy Spirit is beckoning to His own heart every moment of every day. #HSintro


Congratulations, Michelle! You are the winner of a new Kindle Paperwhite and The Holy Spirit: An Introduction eBook.

–The Messenger International team


Below are some honorable mentions, whose creators will receive a free copy of The Holy Spirit: An Introduction eBook.


Here’s what Leah had to say about her photo:

This past year has been anything but easy, but so very rewarding. I took this picture my first week back in Jackson. This has been such a haven for me. Despite its obvious beauty, Gods spirits dwells in this place. This picture represents the season of my heart, a pure reflection bouncing back and forth between Him and I, discovering more than I had in mind. In the wilderness there is a silence to be heard. I’m amazed by his raw existence for me, and his beauty he graciously lets me see. #HSintro


Here is what Ryan had to say about his photo:

Believe it or not, there IS a road in this picture.

Here’s what Rene had to say about her photo:

I’ve wanted the Holy Spirit ever since I was a little girl. I sat in conferences and read missionary stories and dreamed of experiencing healings and prophecy and supernatural grace and of the day that those things would be mine. It wasn’t until I started being actively a part of community that I really began to know the Holy Spirit as living and real. I sat in the company of these precious people and we learned the Holy Spirit together. We learned about prophecy by doing it. We learned about healing and faith by laying hands on one another. We learned about radical generosity by taking care of one another. We learned about supernatural favor by telling each other stories of what God did for us when we traveled overseas. We learned about fear and trembling before our Creator by worshipping, worshipping, worshipping. I learned the Holy Spirit by being with the body of Christ. And for that, I am eternally thankful and eternally changed. #HSintro