Delight In Dependence

Delight in Dependence

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts.  Zechariah 4:6 NKJV

Pride can be a daunting thing to overcome. Yet not even the Creator of the universe was prideful when He walked amongst His creation. He humbled Himself and was dependent on the Spirit. If “the Son can do nothing of Himself, “ then you surely can accomplish nothing apart from God (see John 5:19 NKJV).

As your weaknesses become blaringly evident, you may wonder how you could ever please God. Or perhaps you find yourself so focused on doing things for God that you neglect to spend intimate time with Him. He is near to you. He is delighted when you simply remain in Him (see John 15:4). As you abide in His Word and in communion with Him, your life will bear fruit that you could never produce on your own!

Adapted from The Holy Spirit: An Introduction (Messenger International, 2013).

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7 replies to “Delight in Dependence

  1. Monya

    I really needed. to hear this today, Thank you for posting. I am currently reading your book Relentless, I have never heard a better explanation for “GRACE”. I encourage every believer to read this book. I was one of the 2% who got the true meaning of the word, but I still found a greater understanding of it with the way you explained it in your book. I will never read my Bible the same way again… THANK YOU!


  2. Thomas Nichols

    The messages and knowledge you have shared have been so amazing. I am so blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit.


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