His Presence Produces Evidence

His Presence Produces Evidence

The evidence of the Spirit’s presence is given to each person for the common good of everyone. 1 Corinthians 12:7 GW

When the Spirit of God is present, there is evidence! Rivers and seas give way to dry ground. Blind eyes and deaf ears are opened. The lame walk and the mute talk. Fear is defeated and hope is reborn! Signs and wonders of all kinds mark the landscapes of our lives as we are knitted in relationship with God’s Spirit.

Again and again, the accounts in Acts confirm that when the Holy Spirit was present, people saw and heard the evidence. Look back over your life. What evidence of the Spirit’s presence can you remember? Write a sentence or two describing situations in which the Spirit showed up and radically changed your life. Don’t rush. Meditate on God’s goodness. Let the Spirit reinvigorate you with new life as you recall His faithfulness!

The Holy Spirit has helped you before, and He desires to do it again! How do you need Him to help you now? Get quiet before Him, and invite Him to do it again! Ask Him to show evidence that He is real and really cares about you and those around you. Be still. What is He speaking to you?

Adapted from The Holy Spirit: An Introduction (Messenger International, 2013).

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5 replies to “His Presence Produces Evidence

  1. Deanna Trujillo

    This morning as I was pulling weeds He spoke to me powerfully in regards to my certain situation. He asked me simply if I was digging my roots deep into Him or simply keeping them on the surface? Because I doubt my current situation I don’t need to doubt God!


  2. Danielle Munno

    Last month when my grandfather died, I felt His presence making a way for me to take care of my grandfather on Hospice (I was his nurse). He opened and rearranged my schedule in ways on He could do. Then allowed me to be present with confirmation my my grandfather’s salvation 5 days before my grandfather died. The Holy Spirit spoke through my grandfather and we were reassured of his salvation. I’ve been sharing the Lord with my grandfather for the last 4-5 years. God was faithful to the end.


  3. Pauline

    When my husband went to heaven 1 year 4 month’s ago his alarm went off the next morning at 7:20 am and he said he was in Heaven showing him around then he will go to a room and learn thing’s about God that he didn’t
    Learn on earth and then he would come back and walk with me untill my time to go ! My son & his girlfriend
    Was there the alarm had not been set 4, 2 year’s because he wasn’t working while he was sick if i had not heard that i dont no if i would of kept
    going I do Believe in Jesus name Amen !


  4. Bev Mylan

    5 years ago my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor! God showed me in His Word that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”! My son is healed & I continue to stand on this confession!!


  5. Monique

    My medical condition causes me great pain and issues that I have dealt with for many years. Last month a doctor told me that to treat me would kill me and I had to accept that and yet this very doctor went to another with my case and asked what he thought. A few weeks ago I go to see him and his words were”I can fix you.” My heart soared and was in a state of disbelief and then I knew that God had finally said this is the time and my plan for you. I will under go a operation that has it’s dangers and yet I know that all will be well no matter what. My story will help others as they see my transformations.


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