Photo Contest

#HSintro Photo Contest

To celebrate John Bevere’s message The Holy Spirit: An Introduction, we are giving away a new Kindle Paperwhite!

To enter:

  1. Take a photo representing somewhere you encounter the Holy Spirit. Maybe you’ll share the face of a friend, capture the majesty of a mountain, or record a quiet moment in your day. God’s Spirit is always with you, so the possibilities are endless!
  2. Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share your image with the hashtag #HSintro. Include a few words explaining the story behind your photo.


All entries must be in by September 30, 2013, when our panel of judges will select their favorite image. The winner will receive a new Kindle Paperwhite and The Holy Spirit: An Introduction eBook for free.

Happy snapping,

Messenger International

Click here to see the photos other people have shared.


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14 replies to “#HSintro Photo Contest

    1. Austin Bevere

      Hi Tricia, we are working on creating a page that will show all the pictures entered. In the meantime, you can see your picture by going to the social media platform you posted on (Facebook, Twiiter, or Instagram) and searching the hashtag #HSintro.


  1. Kathy Lebron

    Not sure how to post a photo and comment here! It’s on the Messenger International site with the hashtag, but I don’t see it here!


    1. Austin Bevere

      Hi Karen, all you need to do is hashtag your image #HSintro on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and it will automatically be entered in the contest.


  2. Nan

    I added my photo to my personal Facebook page and included the hashtag #HSintro. But I don’t see my post on your photo page (link above). Did I do this accurately?


    1. Messenger International

      Hi Nan, it looks like you did it perfectly; your picture just might not have come up right away. Feel free to check the photo feed page above to see if it came up.


  3. Brittany

    How will you announce the winner and through what social media platform? Loved going down memory lane posting about my encounters with the Holy Spirit! Happy judging!!


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