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The Holy Spirit: An Introduction releases August 15. If you have a passion to help people connect more deeply with God, you are a perfect candidate for the launch team. Check out the information below to find out how you can get involved.

Team Member Benefits

As a launch team member you will receive:
• A free, electronic copy of the book prior to the release date (Kindle, Nook, or iPad).
• A free download of the curriculum audio sessions.
• A special 30-minute group phone call with me during launch week.
• A special 50% discount off the retail price of both the book and curriculum.

Team Member Responsibilities

As a launch team member, you will be asked to:
• Write a book review on Amazon or another book retail website.
• Spread the word about the book in any way you can (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, word of mouth, etc.) during the month of August.
• Share your ideas on how we can further the reach of this message.

Thanks for helping us spread the word!
John Bevere

Team Member Sign-Up

Launch team sign-up is officially closed, and the 100 individuals selected for the launch team have been emailed. If you signed up and were not emailed, you were not selected. (Launch team members were selected at random.) We will be doing launch teams for future books and hope you sign up again.

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53 replies to “Launch Team

    1. Karen Winkelmann

      I learn a lot from your books and would love to read this, give a review and share it with my deaf and hearing friends in the Midwest.


  1. Tirza Puji Syukur

    Please choose me as a Lunch Team for this amazing book!
    I will share with many people in church, university and social media!
    I’m glad can help you 😀


  2. Mike Murray

    Huge fan of your work. “Fear of the Lord” changed my life and I can’t wait to read your new book.


  3. Lori Bonifay

    I have really enjoyed each of your studies I have gone through. I would love to go through this curriculm and spread the word and even get it into my church up here in Great Falls, MT. Thanks


  4. Roberta Keen

    Husband taught “driven by eternity” on wed. night church and was blessed by God’s movement. Would like to bless the church with “launch” and see what God has in store for southeast Mississippi!


  5. Jerome Burkett

    This is an awesome opportunity and a blessing to serve. I promote all your curriculum’s already. So this would be a treat.


  6. Lori Moreno

    I would consider it an honor to assist you in “getting the word out” about your newest venture. Knowing you are a man of God with proven fruit, I am confident to support you! God bless!


  7. becky

    I just finished a study on the holy spirit with my small group because people had such far removed ideas from the amazing helper God gave us. I am excited to read your book and may have to revisit the series!!


  8. Deb

    We have used all but one of the curriculums during our mid-week services. We know that the anointing the Lord has placed on your life has helped to train the multitudes to lead multitudes to a closer, non-compromising walk with the Lord. One comment we love and use all the time – to reach this generation we don’t change the message but the methods to reach this generation.


  9. Tom Currie

    There definitely needs to be a re-emphasis on the person and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives individually and corporately as the Body of Christ, which is a temple for the Spirit.


  10. Marjaleena Erkkila

    We have two study groups here in Finland. The wives meet every other week and every other week for men. Next, we take one of John’s series. We love his teachings.


  11. Rommel

    Love to be a part of advancing God’s kingdom thru promoting this book, I know that John doesn’t write unless God tells him. So this book has something very important for this end time harvest!


  12. Ruth Elizabeth Sarmiento

    I am a Pastor and would like to read your book and share with the Church. It will also serve to prepare some teachings and sermons based on the book. Thank you and Blessings


  13. Marlene

    My husband and I are directors of a Pastor/Missionary retreat. We are just getting started and would love to share your curriculum here in Tucson. We used your Extraordinary curriculum with our small group and would love this new one for the fall.


  14. David Hammontree

    We have every book by you, teach it to our church members, encourage them to read your books, and we even watch you videos! Ha!


  15. Moses O'Connor

    I am a Fijian missionary in Cambodia, I have read your books, The Fear of the Lord and Relentless and assisted the Billion Souls Network distribute copies of Relentless in Fiji. I have been thoroughly blessed and have grown studying these 2 earlier releases. Ready to assist spread the Gods word though your writings John. Thank you and God bless.


  16. olivia Gonzalez

    Love your work big fan of Lisa also. I just finished reading her book Girls with swords its was amazing we decided to start a book club. Thank you for all you and Lisa do for our Lord Jesus Christ.


  17. Tina

    I have partnered with John and Lisa since I first heard them speak on God TV
    They are both amazing!
    Every book, DVD, and video have taught me loads
    I attended their conference in Norfolk a few years ago and am longing for their next visit to the UK or near enough to visit
    Every blessing to you both x


  18. Robert Mattingly Jr

    I own everyone of your books and reread them often. I use you curriculum in my teachings at church on a regular basis.


  19. Rukundo N. Louis Jacques

    I’m greatful to God for the insight He has given you. Your books have been ablessing to my spiritual walk and that of my family, friends and church with whom i shared them. The books that mostly impacted my life are the Fear of the Lord, Breaking Intimidation, Acces Denied, Under Cover and Driven by Eternity. I believe this new book is the most crucial subject in this time we are living in. I’m living and serving God with my wife as pastors in Belgium, and the big lack in our churches, is the lack of knowledge of the Holy Spirit. As you said in your introduction, we know much about Him, but many don’t k ow Him personnaly. I aspire personnaly as a pastor to know Him more, can’t wait to read what our Lord has communicated to you for His body. May God bless you and your family, and Messenger International team. We would love to have you one day in Belgium, to bless our churches with the powerful message God has given you.


  20. Cassandra W. Temple

    You and Lisa’s books have really helped me mature in my Christian walk. I love your sincerity, transparency and love for God’s people. Your words have brought healing to me and helped my husband and I ‘step out’ into things that God called us to do. I would love to help you as it would be sowing back to you what you two have sown into me. Thanks for the opportunity. Be blessed. :-)


  21. Sharon Spence

    Ever since I was introduced to the Bait of Satan, I have devoured every book you’ve written and found them instrumental in my spiritual growth and relationships. Would love to be part of launching your new book!


  22. Theresa Holtshousen

    When i finish one of your books ( read them all ) i pass them around the family. I will share on face book. May you and your family be blessed and God glorified. Greetings from South Africa.


  23. Melissa Kennedy

    I’ve lead/co-lead Bait of Satan at least 3 times and also Fear of the Lord at my church and we’ve had amazing results. In fact, just ministered to a lady a few weeks back during our altar service and the Lord led me to pray with her about unforgiveness. Our church has kept a few copies of the book, so we were able to loan her out a copy and she’s expressed how free she’s feeling! Very much looking forward to the book/curriculum on the Holy Spirit. He is truly the most misunderstood and misrepresented Person on earth. It is my hope that this study will not only introduce, but showcase and demonstrate, God the Holy Spirit to millions so that they experience fruitfulness and fulfillment like they never dreamed!


  24. Theresa Owen

    I am so excited to be given the opportunity to review your new book. I have grown and matured so much under your teaching and through your books. God is using you greatly to change the lives of believers!


  25. Nicolette hoffmann

    Dear John! I would love to promote your new book everywhere in Europe! your books have been since many years my best friends, and I can’t wait to read your new book! A new friend! With Love, Nicolette


  26. Karen Winkelmann

    I love how you are lead by the holy Spirit and I have learned so much from your books and teachings. Would love to read and share your book to my deaf and hearing friends.


  27. Olivera

    Dear John and Lisa, I would love to promote your book in South-East Europe (I am from Croatia), since I understand and speak many of the languages spoken there. You two always encourage and give words in right time. We listen often John’s messages recorded and put on youtube. Thank you for being such fatihful and loving servants of the Most High. Love, Olivera


  28. rheachristina

    Dear John:
    It would be an honor to help spread the word on your new book. I just got Lisa’s Girls With Swords and influenced others to do so :) You both are great God-anointed authors and what you do (write) can help so many people strengthen (if not start) their relationship with the Lord. God bless you more!


  29. Miranda Mitchell

    I would love to help out! I consider you and Lisa my spiritual mentors and leaders for years. I’m so glad Pastor Mark Cowart introduce us. I am willing to help and also looking forward to continue to share the message to Christ to others. Thank you so much for allow me this oppurnity to help you all spread the good news.


  30. Tamarin Pennell

    I have had the curriculum for this book on pre-order for months! I am so looking forward to this new revelation about our wonderful counselor. Thanks for the opportunity to share this transformational teaching with everyone!


  31. Tracie Rose

    I am looking forward to your new book, as I have been listening to the mseriestv. I have read several of your books along with Lisa’s. I have been seeking to understand more of the role of the Holy Spirit in my life. Longing to live a spirit filled life, so that I may reach more for Christ. Thank you


  32. Sharon Converse

    I would love it , if you would consider me to be on your Launch Team. I think you are a mighty man of valor!


  33. Renette

    I just completed teaching from your book Driven by Eternity. It was such a blessing to so many people. Now I am teaching from your book Honors Reward another good book. I would feel privileged to be a part of your launch team


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