Video Preview 6

Video Preview – Q&A

10-minute video preview from session 6 of The Holy Spirit: An Introduction curriculum. 

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8 replies to “Video Preview – Q&A

  1. Beth Batchelder

    Interesting! So I should be paying more attention to the Fruits of The Spirit and the gifts will follow? So that’s where Self Control steps in. :)


  2. Catherine Sylvester

    Deeply greatly for you both, for your faithfulness over the years, and no doubt making the tough calls of obedience that have brought you further and deeper into your call in Him. Thank you for walking the steps that have brought such blessing to others.


  3. Gali

    Why I can not dowload videos of The Holy Spirit. It’s all the time saying your shopping cart is empty, but I press Add To Cart? Could you please help me with this?


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