M Series

What is the M Series?

Topical. Targeted. Intimate.

In the M Series, John and Lisa Bevere bring eternal truths to the ground level of your daily life.  Each M Series unpacks a biblical perspective on a single subject. Filmed with an intimate group of our staff and friends, the M Series is produced and published by Messenger International. This unique process allows us to bring you the highest-quality study resources tailored to your day-to-day.

Why the M Series?

The M Series is designed to support churches and individuals as they explore foundational concepts of Christian life. Each of these comprehensive, topical studies can be completed in six weeks or less.

The Holy Spirit: An Introduction

Our first M Series on The Holy Spirit: An Introduction offers a fresh encounter with the most misunderstood and overlooked member of the Godhead. Featuring video and audio sessions as well as an interactive book, this message will challenge common assumptions about God’s Spirit and propel you into greater purpose, peace, and power.

Look for more information on our next M Series coming soon!

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