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For and To His Glory


15 Jul For and To His Glory

Call me strange or just inquisitive, but I’m often amazed by the world surrounding me. I like to stand in a typical place, at a typical time, and simply wait. Wait until I observe something different than what I would normally find. I like taking different routes home just to gain a different perspective. This is part of my DNA. I’m sure my mother appreciated my inquisitiveness when I started taking apart household electronics to see their guts displayed, rendering them inoperable but at the same time intensely fascinating to me.

This curiosity extends from the physical world and into the spiritual world. I identify so richly with the parables Jesus told to His followers—the honest truth being laid out in story, ready to engage those who are willing; calling out for exploration and, ultimately, a deeper expression of our relationship with God. Such stories hold God’s undying invitation to us to, as C.S. Lewis said, “Come further up, come further in!”

Marriage is also an invitation. Its majestic mystery is not easily explained through common language, but it tells a beautiful story about the greatness of God.

One day it hit me: marriage is one of the greatest expressions of God’s glory, yet we have dismantled and deconstructed it down into something small. The vision for marriage is infinitely larger than any human mind can comprehend, and it’s meant to be painted as an expansive, majestic picture of God’s glory.

I love art. Love looking at it. One of my favorite artists is Albert Bierstadt. His painting A Storm in the Rocky Mountains is how I imagine God painting the vast image of marriage.


A Storm in the Rocky Mountains by Albert Bierstadt

Adventurous and grand, God paints every marriage with the detail of a master’s touch and the glory of a master’s vision. Imagine God, with infinite delight, deciding that marriage would be a brilliant representation of His glory!

Instead of meeting this vision, we’ve taken all the paints and combined them into a muddy mess. But it’s not our place to whittle marriage down into anything other than what it was created to be. It’s time to paint our marriages in unique and vibrant colors, displaying God’s truth, beauty, worth, and greatness.

PROLOGUE is a series of free messages on marriage by members of the Messenger International team.

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  • Nonhlanhla Phelembe
    Posted at 07:46h, 15 July Reply

    Thanks for this prologue series….i could hardly wait for today, to download the latest podcast.

  • Ginger Daniel
    Posted at 08:41h, 15 July Reply

    Love this, Allan! Thank you!! So excited for this series.

  • prasanta Nag
    Posted at 19:59h, 15 July Reply

    Thank you for this everlasting series from the divine peace for the each and every human beings for their marriage life. I love this and its true fact.” God is good and God is love”

  • Nashuda Augustine
    Posted at 01:25h, 08 August Reply

    I first want say thank you for this message. Wow it really spoke to my heart and spirit!

    I am a single and will be turning 36 in a few weeks. For a while now I have been thinking about wanting to be married, but when I think about what marriage entails and the way God has designed it I really think about my intentions.

    I realize that for me to be joined in marriage with someone else I need to be 100% whole and spiritually grounded in God. One of the questions I felt the Holy Spirit asking me as I was listening to your podcast was “Is God #1 in your life?” At first I didn’t understand it so I had re-examine my life, or better yet what I have been doing the last few days.

    I realize now that what the Holy Spirit was asking me is, “Do you put God first above all things?” and the question is No, or at least I haven’t been doing it as I should. I totally get it when you said sometimes we hit the snooze button several times, or we become too busy doing church things that we forget to pause and thank God. and pray. I had to re-evaluate where God was in my life and your message really put somethings into perspective.

    You know I said to myself, yes I have a made a list of the qualities I want my godly husband to have, but am I preparing to be that person too? You couldn’t have explained it more perfectly when you said, and I am only stating it in my own words from what I can remember, that when we put God first in our own lives, it is only then we can show our love for our spouses.

    So in other words, loving God completely and putting him first allows us to exemplify his characteristics towards our husband or wife.I think when we love and serve God above all else, it makes it easy for us to portray HIs love because His love flows through us.

    So as a single person I must first learn how to develop a one on one relationship with God so that I can demonstrate His characteristics to those who are around me in my everyday life, and in turn in God’s perfect timing when He feels I am ready to meet my godly mate then I will be able to show God’s love to him.

    I must say that I am far from being perfect, and I fall short of God’s glory every single day, but His grace is sufficient for me and His mercies are new every morning. God’s view on marriage is not to be taken lightly, so in my season of singleness I will work on, with the Holy Spirit help of course to build that foundation with God. The most important thing to me in marriage is for my godly husband to love God more than me, and for him to have to strong foundation in God.

    Thank you for this podcast series. It really blessed me tremendously!

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